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Understand what your customers, employees, and competitors are saying.

Words Insights Lab is your one-stop shop for any word  and text related analytical services

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What is

Words Insights Lab?

Discover new insights with our hybrid solution and service approach to give you the best intelligence for any word-related data.

Analyze key insights in feedback, surveys, and all written content.


What is Natural

Language Processing?

Natural Language Processing, or NLP for short, is one of the newest frontiers in analytics and artificial intelligence and positions itself at the intersection of technology and human language.


The goal of NLP is to interpret, understand, and derive meaning from text which helps organizations make useful decisions, faster.  

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Use Words Insights Lab to understand:


Gauge your brand health like never before by discovering hidden insights from customer reviews, feedback surveys, and social media


Organize and critically evaluate employee feedback to better understand recruiting, retention, productivity, and other key factors in employee and organizational health. 


Assess how competitors stack up against your organization by examining their pricing, website content, product catalogs, and what people are saying about them.


Our Services

Take advantage of our powerful text analysis technology to add insight in a variety of use cases. 


Retail & Commerce

Evaluate and categorize customer feedback, analyze product and service reviews, and stay on top of market trends. 


Save time and effort by redirecting messages based on category and priority. 

Food Service

Conduct customer review analysis based on food and beverage categories across multiple locations and time. 


Gain essential insights on optimal messaging tactics, customer sentiment, and transaction data. Enhance understanding of customer needs to build a stronger marketing strategy.


Competitive Analysis

Gauge competitors' capabilities by scraping competitive information like pricing, product selection, and reviews from relevant venues. Information is consolidated in a recurring report so you can keep up with any changes


Human Resources

Analyze feedback within the organization to objectively and strategically improve training, engagement, recruiting, retention, and performance.  


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